The Toscano brothers are just beginning on their quest to stardom

The reviews are in; marvelous. The verdict is in on the double screening of talented actors, writers. The Toscano brothers are just beginning on their quest to stardom. Matty Tosca started his career as a battle rapper and his brother AD was his manager and videographer in the beginning. Now years later Matty's still writing; but instead of just lyrical content, its for screen-plays and scores for movies.

AD the little big brother is no longer just considered a video guy; but now is a gate keeper between the underground scene and commercial success.

"The Throne" is a excited drama full of suspense. Everybody wants to sit on the throne; not knowing that is just a red velet chair that fuels jealousy and envy traits from any opposition.

The writing along with the acting in this movie are superb. Watching the trailer of this movie "The Throne" is just an idea of whats to cone; but you gots to see the movie to get the real true meaning of "The Throne".

"Everybody dies" is a horror classic in the making. Now get your popcorn, butter, snacks and drinks. Girls get your boyfriend to watch this one with ya. This is the movie for clutching your mate for security. I saw scary movies before like "Carrie", "Friday the 13th", "Amityville horror" and many more. This movie "Everybody dies" is right on time for halloween.

Watching "Everybody dies" might be your safest bet on this halloween; just bring your own "trick or treat" vibe.

This horror movie is going to be an American classic for horror films.

Jabriel Tosca, is the shooting star in this movie "Everybody dies".

Kids from around the world gotta see this movie and i betcha they can relate to the bullying and the wishing for revenge in the strangest way.

This is a family classic for so many reasons; but one main is, Jabriel Tosca.

This movie was written by Jabriel's father; Who is Matty Tosca and directed by his uncle AD.

Thanks to Luc Stephen @lucrstephen for producing this masterpiece of a movie. Frank Blenman @frank.blenman , Anwar @anwarnorelation

Tay vixen @tayvixen

and countless others.

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