Pulseofthestreetradio esp 6


1. (intro) kash Bando legacy pulseofthestreetradio segment 1 2. kash Bando ft. Henny bop- for a reason 3. Matty Tosca- trust nobody but God 4. Big Venti- Show out pulseofthestreetradio segment 2 5. kash Bando & LU stacks perc n pain 6. Dizzle raw n Jayy Lav - Ditto 7. Jayy Lav- different freestyle pulseofthestreetradio segment 3 8. Starrlee- Act like that 9. kamillion- heart on ice 10. Kaos brought - shake it

Pulse of the Streets/ LEGIT HUSTLE RUN-DOWN/Topic: Buffalo shooting/ Migos Break upShow Start time: Kash Bando Pulse of the streets 5/22/2022 Artist Music: Kash Bando Newest music album: Bando Here Vol 2 Kash Bando x Henny Bop | For A Reason | Shot By @212ANDCO (not on Album) -Talk about single with Henny Bop -What inspires your music? -Where do you hail from? -Who would you like to work with? -What can we expect from this project? Songs from New Album https://youtu.be/W6ok6xvX7Bo?t=48 Legacy tribute to Fallen Rappers -Talk about song that just played for 15 minutes -Current events/ Buffalo shooting/ Migos breaking up - NFT era Goat Shout Outs: Guest Shout out/Drops Thank you. We out.

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