It's just a matter time for Matty Tosca

Scrolling throught instagram just listening and watch celebrities post.

Listening with my noise reduction bluetooth earphones i came acrossed that familiar Ron Browz sound.

Now with the Ron Browz's sound comes with a lyrical asasain named Matty Tosca. Matty Tosca is a Tri-State Legend. They say "The east coast is the best coast; when Matty Tosca spits fire from the lyrics he wroted"

What can we say about a Lyrical asasain

that stays in the right circle of movers and shakers; that keeps his aim sharper than a needle penetrating tissue.

Now heres the issue, the new hip hop fan is also a R&B lover. The r&b scene been over shadowed by hip hop; until we heard the "Move on" remix.

The "Move on" remix is a breath of fresh air for those still craving for a mesh of hip hop & r&b together. So now the saga continues; who's here to grab the torch for the Tri-state. Who is going to hold it down like a papervweight?

Most hip hop artist are just paper thin and can't contend with the likes of Matty Tosca. So hearing that remix of "Move on" i just predicting to hear Matty Tosca on that remix. I don't know if the collab already happened and just didn't release that version yet. But i know it is just a matter of time for the obvicous is knowned. Matty Tosca is the tristate best kept secret; but not for long. You don't have to be a rocket sciencist to know about the chemistry of Matty Tosca and Ron Browz are out of this world.

Matty Tosca is doing so much right now; a double featured premiere in Double Feature Movie Premiere.

The Double Featured Premiere: Everybody Dies & The Throne.

Produced by TruLightFilms, Trulight, is another icon in the making.

Now you keep up to date with them by

Followinga on instagram @matty_tosca @ron_browzz @trulightfilms

you gotta mark this date down in your calendar.

DATE: October 10th.

VENUE: CityPlex 12.

360-394 Springfield Ave, Newark, NJ zipcode 07103.

TIME: 3PM -4PM Red Carpet.

4PM “THE THRONE”. @thethronethemovie 5:15PM Q&A.

5:30 “EVERYBODY DIES” @everybodydiesthemovie 6:45 Q&A

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