Incredible New York City DJ and spray painting author DJ Kay Slay has died HipHopDX can affirm. As indicated by veteran Hip Hop advertiser Van Silk, the 55-year-old kicked the bucket on Easter Sunday (April 17), four months in the wake of being hospitalized with COVID-19.

Hip Hop lost a genuine pearl," Silk tells DX. "My dear sibling is no more. I've known him since he was 16 years of age. He was my younger sibling. I acquainted him with numerous and we did a great deal of things together. We last talked December since we were wrapping up the 200 moving profound venture. He planned to do his video part with MC Sha-Rock.

"From the mixtapes to assisting him with sending off Straight Stuntin' magazine and the entire What The Science project, the world not just lost a genuinely devoted individual to the way of life of Hip Hop however a wellspring of overcoming any barrier in Hip Hop. I will miss my younger sibling."

A tweet began getting out and about Sunday late evening expressing, "Incredible NY DJ, DJ Kay Slay has allegedly died, as indicated by Wack 100. He was apparently as yet recuperating subsequent to being hospitalized for COVID-19 in December. Tear DJ Kay Slay."

Wack 100 at first recommended DJ Kay Slay was minutes from kicking the bucket in an Instagram post from December 2021. Yet, Kay Slay's organic sibling Kwame Grayson let DX know that was a long way from the case, making sense of, "He's most certainly not going to pass on. That not too far off… I'm not going to mislead anybody, I was bouncing near. I was most certainly blissful. Kay Slay is a private buddy and he didn't tell anyone in the emergency clinic what his identity was, and we was somewhat seeking normal treatment. At the point when they figured out what his identity was, that is when everyone moved forward treatment.

"He was gradually disappearing, however God didn't allow that to occur. Everything on schedule and when they figured out what his identity was, they got him fueled up once more. So he's ready. He resembles in a recuperation state, however he's certainly not going to kick the bucket. You can trust me on that."

Last week, Wack 100 said he was "all the while battling" and required every one of the requests he can get, composing on Instagram, "He's been off the #ECMO machine two or three weeks at this point. How about we proceed with our requests as our sibling keeps on battling."

Tragically, he didn't get through. Beat of the Street radio sends our sympathies to DJ Kay Slay's family and every one of the individuals who adored him

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