Ime Udoka Had Affair With Celtics Employee Who Handled Nia Long’s Move To Boston

Ime Udoka Had Affair With Celtics Employee Who Handled Nia Long’s Move To Boston And Travel Arrangements On The Road

By Robert Littal.

The leaks about Ime Udoka have come out in small drips, but this particular one has to hurt for Nia Long.

No word on if she ever had a direct connection with the Celtics female staffer handling her travel arrangements and move to Boston, but to know that person was also having an affair with your man must hurt.

It is highly likely she had some sort of communication with the woman if she was helping her with her permanent move to Boston, and we know now that Long has been informed of what was going on behind her back.

TMZ Sports confirmed who one of the staffers was and her role in helping Nia Long move to Boston.

The Celtics employee with whom Ime Udoka had an affair helped make all his travel arrangements … and that job sometimes included organizing travel for his fiancee, Nia Long.

Sources connected to the couple and the NBA franchise tell TMZ … one of the staffer’s duties included planning Udoka’s team-related travel, and we’re told she was also involved in booking travel for Nia to come to Boston or to road games.

Perhaps most upsetting for Nia is that the employee had a hand in Nia’s arrangements to move to Boston permanently, according to our sources.

TMZ broke the story … Nia had just moved east a little over 2 weeks ago with Key, her 10-year-old son with Ime.

The Celtics are not releasing the name of the employee, but we’re told Nia has been told who she is.


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